Our hangover host: Stichting NDSM-werf

20 juni 2023
Our hangover host: Stichting NDSM-werf

ADE Hangover always takes place at the NDSM-Wharf in Amsterdam. This shipyard was once one of the biggest shipyards of the world where imposing supertankers rolled off the slipway. After these activities ceased, this sprawling site – with its imposing backdrop of crane tracks, sheds and a giant ramp – became home to creative pioneers and all sorts of cultural events, owned, cared for and hosted by Stichting NDSM-werf.

Nowadays, we can proudly call Stichting NDSM-werf one of our partners. Together with ADE, we organise this festival and present it as a gift to the city after a ravishing ADE-filled week. Cheers to many more years of hosting your hangover!

ADE Hangover 2023

22 oktober 2023