ADE Hangover

NDSM-Wharf - Amsterdam

We’re absolutely gobsmacked. You guys took a deep dive into the docks and wrapped up ADE 2023 with dignity! A colossal THANK YOU, we’ll see you in 2024!

After fluttering about on the ADE grounds, ADE Hangover is the place where you go for the closing round of your week. Squeeze the last drops of pizazz out, bash and brawl and bring the week to a sparkling conclusion. With food trucks, craft beers, a bunch of art and creativity, a vintage market, cosy tubs and campfires and, best of all, loads of live music and DJs, we yearly provide you with the perfect soil to burn up the dancefloor one last time. We’ll be back in October 2024!

Live music & DJs

Each year, we have an inspiring selection of artists playing at ADE Hangover. Get your groove on with them live bands, swinging and twirling. Or go to your old stomping ground with dazzling deejays. One thing’s for sure: you’ll be properly stimulated to give it your all. Find a selection of last year’s program below.


Art & Creativity

There are two driving forces in this world. Destruction, as in destroying the dancefloor, and creation, as in letting creativity flow. ADE Hangover is always filled with all sorts of inventive artistic activities and installations at the NDSM shipyard.

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Food & Drinks

Every year, you’ll find all the food and drinks on site needed to rinse away your hangover. Delicious food platters that cater for all tastes, healthy or greasy. Or get yourself some juicy juices, craft beers and refined wines to wreck this last day of partying.

ADE Hangover is an initiative of:

Into the Woods
Amsterdam Dance Event
Stichting NDSM Werf


About ADE Hangover

Where is ADE Hangover located?

You can find us at the NDSM-Wharf in Amsterdam.

What is the minimum age?

There is no minimum age at ADE Hangover, everyone is welcome.

Rules and regulations

Where can I go if I have experienced an (unsafe) situation?

We try to create a place where everyone feels comfortable and safe. Would you like to report a situation? You can do so at [email protected]. Your report will be forwarded to the confidential advisors at Kultlab.

ADE Hangover 2023

22 oktober 2023