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You'll find ADE Hangover at our regular spot: the NDSM wharf.

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About ADE Hangover

ADE Hangover is an ADE, Into the Woods and NDSM initiative.

Which ferry should I get?

Due to personel problems, there are lesser ferries than usual during ADE. To avoid queues at the main ferry to NDSM, you can take the ferry at Central Station to Buiksloterweg. It’s a nine minute bike ride from Buiksloterweg to the terrain. This ferry also runs throughout the night.

Are you leaving from the west of the city? Then it’s more convenient to take the ferry at Pontsteiger. Please be aware during the ride back that the ferry might be fairly full. Do you wanna play safe and be home earlier, take the ferry back at Buiksloterweg.

Where can I find a map of the festival?

Take a look at the 2D version of the festival and find your way.


Can I buy earplugs?

Better safe than sorry with the only set of hearing you have. Alpine Partyplugs can be bought at the cashiers and foam earplugs can be bought at the bars. We don’t have earplugs in kids-size, so make sure in case you take kids to the wharf to bring earplugs for them yourself.

Can I buy a locker?

There are plenty of lockers available on the terrain.

How warm should I dress up for ADE Hangover?

All stages are covered, but it can be windy on the wharf. So be sure to bring warm clothes. There are plenty of lockers.

Is there a place to park my car?

No, there are no parking places for cars. You can leave your car at home.

Can I park my bike anywhere?

We’re a guest at the NDSM wharf and we hope to be in the future as well. Please think of our neighbours and park your bike in the designated bike spots only. Our traffic guides are there to provide you with instructions.

Where can I find the Kiss & Ride?

The Kiss & Ride is a few minutes’ walk away from the festival. This is also the spot to be dropped off and picked up by a taxi. Navigation address: T.T. Neveritaweg 1.

Is ADE Hangover waterproof?

We provide beautiful stages on the NDSM wharf, all with waterproof roof! So no rain can let this festival down.

What are the rules and regulations?

There is no minimum age at ADE Hangover, everyone is welcome.

It’s not allowed to bring your own food or drinks to the festival. On the terrain you can find a more than sufficient offer of tasty food and drinks.

Hard drugs trafficking is prohibited. The police will be notified in case of violations. All hard drugs will be confiscated.Visitors attend the festival at their own risk.

Kultlab is not responsible for any form of physical or mental injuries that occur during your visit. Kultlab is not responsible for any form of damage to properties or goods of visitors.

Visitors that show any form of sexual harrasment, or make racist/discriminatory comments will be removed from the festival and handed over to the police.

On the festival terrain, it is mandatory to follow all instructions of the organisation, security, the medical team or other parties that are involved in the event.

Visitors that wear footbal shirts or clothing with nationalistic signs will not be admitted to the festival.

It is prohibited to bring weapons or fireworks to the festival. If such item is found, the visitor will be handed over to the police.

During the festival, photos and videos will be taken. If you attend the festival, you give permission for any publication of this photographic material. Kultlab is allowed to deny admittance or remove visitors from the festival.

What can I do to celebrate this party safely?

You definitely should celebrate the good life, but even more important: celebrate safely and healthy. We recommend reading these tips to party safe.

I need to use medicine, what to do?

Bring a doctors’ note when you have to take medicine during the event.

What is the drug policy?

The use of hard drugs is not necessary and not allowed. Smoking weed is fine, when the joint isn’t rolled before you enter the terrain.

What is not allowed on the terrain?

Just like any other festival the next products are not allowed: hard-drugs, pre-rolled joints, laughing gas, food, (alcoholic) drinks, glass objects, (plastic) bottles, cans, umbrellas, selfiesticks, confetti, graffiti, candles, laser pen, nose spray, professional camera’s (unless press accreditation requested via [email protected]), advertisements, weapons, walkie-talkies, football shirts, deodorant, liquid perfume and all other products that can be filled with a liquid substance.

Is there place for me to pump breastmilk?

Yes, you can find a quiet spot at the First Aid.

How can I report an unsafe situation?

We try our best to create a place where everyone feels safe and sound. If something happens to you or someone you know during the festival, please find a security guard immediately. They can help you and respond to the situation appropriately. In case you want to report something afterwards, you can email to [email protected]. Your message will be send to one of the confidants within Kultlab and they will take necessary actions.

Is the site accessible for disabled people?

Of course, you can use the regular entrance and most stages are also very accessible. At the First Aid post and the main toilet block, you can find more spacious toilets. If you have any questions about this, you can email us at [email protected].

What to do if I have lost or found something?

Found items that don’t belong to you? Please bring them to the cashiers register next to the lockers. There you will find a lost & found point. Did you lose something? Take a stroll to our lost & found. The lost and found is open till 22:00 during ADE Hangover. On Tuesday we will bring found items to the lost & found point in Amsterdam. From Thursday on you can find your lost item via www.verlorenofgevonden.nl.

Can I buy cigarettes at the festival?

No, you can’t buy cigarettes at the festival.

Where can I buy tokens at the festival?

There are multiple token selling points that are spread across the terrain. If the queue is too long for your taste, you can simply walk to the next point.

How can I pay at the festival?

You can pay with tokens, wich you can buy with either cash or card. Visa and Mastercard creditcards are accepted as wel.

How does the cup system work?

When first arriving at ADE Hangover you get your very own cup coin. This guarantees your first hard plastic cup for free. This cup can be reused when ordering your next drink, or you can change it back to a cup coin again. When you lose your cup or coin a new cup will cost half a token. The cup coins cannot be interchanged for money. The cup is free for kids under the age of 12. With this system we want to keep the terrain of ADE Hangover clean.


ADE Hangover takes place on Sunday 23 October from 12:00 til 23:00.

Is ADE Hangover free of entrance?

Yes, ADE Hangover is free of entrance. You do pay once for an entrance cup, when ordering a drink for the first time.

Can I bring my own consumption?

It is not allowed to bring your own drinks and food to the event.

What is the minimum age?

Everyone is welcome! There is no minimum age at ADE Hangover.