On site you will find food that contains important electrolytes that are depleted after a night of getting sauced. We have delicious food platters that cater for all tastes, healthy or greasy. Stomach all filled up? Wash away your hangover with juicy juices, craft beers or refined wines.

The foodtrucks will be announced shortly.

It's a Wrap

At It’s a Wrap they’re vigorously folding and rolling. Quick fingers fabricate origami works with fillings from all over the world.

Nieuwe Garde

Nieuwe Garde provides you with the only carb that really matters: pasta. This duo knows their way around pots and pans and will satisfy your cravings bite by bite.

Noorderlicht Hot Dogs

Your favorite sausage in a bun but vegan and loaded with slightly spicy and fresh goodness. Dogs for days!

Noorderlicht Fries

Noorderlicht serves you the hangover-crushing-combo you so desperately need: potatoes in their best shape, but upgraded with protein and veggies. Loaded for the gods.


Dreaming to get eggplants to the next level, Leonard serves small bites and funky falafel wraps inspired on his grandma’s recipes. Authentic Mediterranean and Oriental dishes on the docks!


The fellows from Vuurproeven take American BBQ to a whole other level. Jackfruit burgers, beer buns and loads of dripping cheddar are guaranteed to lay the flawless foundation for one last day of ADE.


Bombari travels past festivals as an unmissable caravan fully equipped with a wood-fired oven, bar and stage. Give the gentlemen of Bombari dough and a whole heap of fresh ingredients and they build you a Burgundian masterpiece!

Chimi Subs

Spicy subs for days, froyo and fruits formed into juices and smoothies: served with a fat blob of charisma all your much-needed vitamins can be devoured at Chimi Subs.

Koffieshop August

Nothing cures a headache like a good old cup of bean juice. Let the Fairchain-brewed liquid gold flow down your throat and steam up for a grand finale to your ADE.

Den Potsenmaeker

At Den Potsenmaeker, they have flour, milk and eggs running through their veins. For almost 40 years they’ve been flipping pans. Go classic with syrup or get one with goat cheese: everything’s a great choice at this Pancake House!

Karma Kebab

Get in your karma points with this 100% plant-based kebab. Sustainably made from Dutch veggies and grains, this kebab has even the most wholehearted carnivores salivating.


Hand-folded tortillas, nachos with a fat blob of guac and barely-foldable burritos have the Mexican heart racing.