Stretch your legs and take a stroll around the vintage and music market at the NDSM wharf. You’ll find awesome handmade collector’s items, funky vinyl and a fine choice of articles. Find your vinyl at one of our market vendors! Aside from the pretty commodities at the market place, there’s so much more to feast your eyes on: we want to feed you creativity in the broadest sense. You will find mind-boggling art installations and inventive artistic activities at the NDSM shipyard. D’you feel your interest is jarred? Keep in close touch for updates on our inspiration breeding ground.

Feel like your stall would be a great addition to the market supply? Join the party and participate in our market place.


Experimental sounds, live music and art: NDSM-based organisation Treehouse joins this year’s Hangover to have their residents patch us up with some local works of art.

Mooie Bieren Bar

  • Craft beers
  • Belgian beers
  • Local brewery

Fight fire with fire and fix your dry mouth with fizzy craft beers by the Mooie Bieren Bar. Stick to classics like Leffe or go local and have a go at a no-nonsense Rauw Brouwers beer. Your average beer lover as well as beergeeks: this is where you get your juices flowing.


The industrial docks are managed by the NDSM Wharf Foundation, which flaunts the wharf in all its cultural uniqueness. Its graffiti-filled walls and the all-overtowering crane form the exceptional decor for the official ADE finale. A tremendous thank you to NDSM for providing the playground for the most pleasant hangover ever!

Larger than life art installations

  • Creativity
  • Art

Mind-boggling statues and larger than life art installations dominate the docks. Feast your eyes on our inspiration breeding ground and let the creativity rejuvenate your senses.

Compagnie Doedel

  • Creativity
  • Art
  • Warmth
  • Fire

Compagnie Doedel warms wharf and soul with blazing bonfires shaped into colossal constructions. Heat up and hang on!

Jägermeister FM

Participate in the ice bath challenge to freeze the headache away or recover your raspy voice with a speech therapy course. Once fully revived, Jägermeister FM provides the perfect spot to get those feet going and smoothly slip into the vibe again.

Foto: Elske Nissen

Kilo Kilo

  • Activity
  • Vintage clothes

Take a close look between slick vintage clothing sorted by Kilo Kilo and pay for your picks by the kilo. No doubt you’ll find your new hangover outfit at this outlet edition in Amsterdam!

Hot tubs

  • Activity
  • Hot tub
  • Heated

Dip your tush in a tub and let the heated waters tackle your throbbing hangover. You’ll be back in business in no time.

Your favorite fashion store

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Wild gems on wheels

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De Lepelaer

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Flare Desing

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Funky Gift Club

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Dream desing shop

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Liens Karikatuten

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Ray Wood Shop

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Vintage style mix

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