ADE Hangover

You’ve been busy bobbing to-and-fro, drifting from one affinity to the next. What’s more? ADE Hangover is the place for you to conclude a week of blowouts. Here, all companions gather one last time to wrap it up and to cure the hangover together.

Do you want to juice up or rather get the gravy flowing? We got all kinds of food trucks to reactivate you and your body. Special craft beers will quench your thirst. For those that want to be inspired, there are also art pieces and art installations to feast your eyes on. Take a stroll down our market place while stretching your stiff legs. Or relax to the max in a hot tub, a sizzling sauna, or beside a cozy camp fire. There will be diverse live bands and DJs there to soothe your soul. You can bet your senses will be rejuvenated one way or the other.

The best news of all, this event is free of charge. So bring all your hungover (or not that hungover) friends and we look forward to see you at ADE Hangover!


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